You Need Not Live in Fear; a Poem

Existential cotton candy
The world caught up in drinking brandy
Clowns, clowns, they are all around
Greetings from pseudo friends abound
Hey! Now, the circus has come to town

Down and out, a state of mind
Time running out and we are behind
Have a little faith my friend
You will prevail
In the end

Funny thing, this thing called life
Filled with fright, filled with strife
Do what you can and do not get down
Give a little laugh
Your power abounds

Adversity is a building block
It builds character round the clock
Our gut may rot from inside out
We might want to scream, we might want to shout
But our soul is growing, bout by bout

Life, that mighty three layered riddle
A time and space point where we oft fiddle
While we know what we should really do
Tell me it is not so
Tell me it is not true

We scream for God’s help
We look on up high
We pray and we pray that we should not die
But how often do we pray that we should truly live?
How often do we give what we should truly give?

The Soul is immortal, that much is true
It is the eternal signpost, noting we came through
This enigmatic thing called life
Filled with anxiety
Filled with strife

So remember, do not be a naysaying ne’er-do-well
Do not sit and fret, that you will go to hell
It does not exist, except what you make here
Live your life right
Then you need not live in fear

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