You Can Make a New Start

The world is filled with loss and pain, with hope and joy and work and strain. The world is filled with hatred and sorrow, with kindness and compassion that seep from our marrow.

We are good if misguided; we are thoughtfully bold; we are stuck in our ways, sometimes till we’re old. We can change if we want to, if it’s our hearts desire, to throw off the shackles keeping us in the mire.

Yes, we are essentially good. That’s how we should stay, but fear and pain often get in the way. And we slump. We fall. We end up in the mud. At times we land softly, at times with a thud. But we can get up if we want to. We have it within us. We can do it without proclamations and just know we are winners.

We can arise from our blunders, from things we’ve done wrong. We can compose music, pen a poem or sit and sing a song.

It’s what we create that makes us great. Focusing on consumption just makes us late –for life’s plan – to leave the world in a better state than we found it. To take barren ground and make lushness abound, to achieve true kindness passing up on hollow words for acts of the soul. Roll your eyes if you want, but you’ll learn when you’re old.

We have this within us, this universal truth. We can make tomorrow better or we can decay and stay down. The choice is ours. Let’s make that choice sound, instead of snarling at spiritual progress and holding petty things dear. Because a day will come when we realize we’ve been living in fear.

What fear you ask, either in curiosity or with derision? It is the fear of being human and making the wrong decisions.

So put down that fear, it’s a heavy burden. Instead go create and open your soul’s portal to what can be, though you’re a mere mortal just like me. Your life is yours; what you do with it is your choice. Listen, intently, to your internal voice.

You know what to do. Don’t kick the can down the road. Stand up, take action and get on your path, choose creation over consumption, avoiding tragedy’s wrath.

It’s your life. Go live it – with an open heart. Remember, today is the day you can make a new start.

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