You Can; a Poem

Time tested. Life bested. Time for another go. Don’t stop. Don’t slow down. Don’t give up the show. Now is the time you have waited for, even if you haven’t been waiting. I know, temporary nonsuccess can most certainly become grating.

Never throw in the towel. Never greet life with a scowl. Get on your feet. Do a meet and greet. Be positive and go for your goal. Activity needs to be your fondest proclivity. Talent alone will leave you cold. Be bold. Go forward. Do not look back. Action is the way. That is a fact.

Reflection not deflection. Fire in the belly. A desire to do good. Release yourself from the grasp of “should.” Should is not good enough. It does not mean we act. Instead we must do and do again, that is the most powerful fact. Because all success is in the doing, not in simply thinking. Remember, inventors invent by way of their tinkering.

When you believe all is lost, you are closer to success than you could ever dream. If you sit at home lamenting your life, in vain do you grieve. Why? Because if you are alive you still have a ticket to the big game. You must simply get on the road and travel to the stadium. And play! Be active; be strong! This must be your personal song. Be active; be strong! If you sing that song you won’t go wrong. Be active; be strong! Think of that mantra all day long!

Act now. Act frequently. Act when even you are tired. Do not get mired in why you can’t, instead become truly inspired.

You can; you can; you can!!! Now go out and do. Remember the power resides within, backed by the power above. Wait not for a sign from somewhere else; rather, listen to the words in your heart. And if your heart is saddened, put a smile on your face and return your heart to its rightful place, the place of “You can do!”

You can! It is true. You can! You’re not through. Success is not a ready-made path. You cannot buy it off the rack. The path to success is based on – You Can! Oh, that and getting off your back.

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