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X Rocks the Spot? Anthony Cardella on Las Vegas Show’s Return

This morning, we shared with you our CYInterview with Stabile productions co-producer Anthony Cardella [see here]. During that CYInterview, the choreographer revealed to us that the Las Vegas show X Rocks would hopefully return this year saying:

“We, looking hopefully by at least this year somewhere. We have a couple different options we’re looking at, but we will definitely be reopening. That we know. It was ready to go literally like two weeks before Covid hit. The show was ready. We have all these new props. There’s a whole new show. So we definitely are very eager to get that reopened for sure.”

The show has been on hiatus in the Entertainment Capital of the World since 2020. We look forward to its return.

Above is a picture of us with the cast in 2018, when X Rocks celebrated its fifth anniversary at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.