X Burlesque, Christmas Night, Flamingo Las Vegas

During the final hours of Christmas night in Las Vegas, CYInterview paid a visit to the female revue X Burlesque, at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Playing to a packed house, the women of X Burlesque performed a high energy show replete with challenging choreography. The dancers make it look easy. The crowd witnessed various numbers, arranged to popular songs including Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses, Diamonds by Rihanna and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

Comedian and show host Nancy Ryan is the voice of the long running female revue. Her set prior to the show and during the intermission received many laughs. Her act includes crowd reactions, when she asks people where they are from. We learned there were visitors from California, North Carolina, Texas and Washington in the audience.

The show celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. This revue, comprised of talented and attractive dancers, is a crowd pleaser. After the show, we met the cast for a photograph. You can see that above.

You can see X Burlesque at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino every night except Tuesday. You can find more information by clicking here.