Wynn Las Vegas Sportsbook Maestro John Avello Gives the Straight Skinny on Renovations to His Book, Super Bowl Odds on Favorites, College Football Playoff Favorites, More

Earlier this year, the sportsbook at Wynn Las Vegas went through renovations. The changes have taken the book to a whole new level. A great hangout and one of the nicest sportsbooks in town has now become a must see destination for any sports fan visiting Las Vegas.

Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook manager John Avello had input on the renovations. He says so far there has been nothing but positive reactions to the changes. On why people should come see the new sportsbook and Wynn Las Vegas, he told us, “Because there’s nothing like it in the world. It’s the eighth wonder of the world.” A veteran of Las Vegas’s gaming industry, the oddsmaker catches us up on a variety of topics.

In this, our latest CYInterview with Mr. Avello, we discussed favorites to the win Super Bowl and College Football Playoff, the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas, how the Las Vegas Golden Knights have impacted hockey wagering in the town, what it will mean to have a Super Bowl in Las Vegas one day and many other topics.

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