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Wynn Las Vegas Sports Book Super Odds Maker, John Avello, Talks Odds for Super Bowl 50; Gives Insight into Future of Fantasy Sports in Vegas, More

We are still a few days away from Super Bowl 50, matching up the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos, but the action is already in full gear in Las Vegas. So far, at the Wynn sportsbook in Las Vegas there have been gamblers putting down six figure bets on the game.

The Super Bowl is one of the most bet on sporting events during the calendar year. To break down many of the gambling aspects for the big game Sunday, we welcome back Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook manager and CYInterview regular John Avello. He also fills us in on the future of daily fantasy sports in Nevada and tells us the Wynn Mobile App is only a few weeks away from launching.

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The line for the Super Bowl opened with the Carolina Panthers as 3 ½ [3.5] point favorites over the Denver Broncos. They are now 5 ½ [5.5] point favorites. On where he believes the money and line will be, come Sunday’s kickoff, Mr. Avello told us this:

“We’re starting to see some signs of Bronco money for the first time as of today. This is Wednesday. So as of today, the first signs of seeing some Bronco money and I don’t know, you know, if the Bronco money is going to overshadow the Panther money when it’s all said and done unless there’s a real push on that side. But as of now, it’s been mostly Panther money.”

For the high rollers, there have already been six figure bets on the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. John shared this:

“We’ve taken quite a few six figure bets so far. Will there be a seven figure bet? I don’t know. We took one the last two years. So there’s always that possibility, but that bet always comes in on an early Sunday morning or Saturday night and so it’s yet to be determined whether that seven figure will hit or not.”

The Super Bowl offers the opportunity to bet on hundreds of props (propositions) including the game’s coin toss. This year, the Wynn Las Vegas will have around 300 propositions to wager on. Additionally, they will have a first this year, as you can place money on who will be the MVP of Super 50. The head oddsmaker said this:

“We have a lot of props up, somewhere around the 300 area. One thing that’s new this year that we’ve never done before is the player to win the MVP. The reason I say it’s new for us, we had to get permission to do it because it’s a bet that’s actually voted on and we do things here that are actually played out on the field. So this is the first time you are gonna see that at Wynn Las Vegas and I’m happy to deal it and I’ve been tinkering around with some other bets using players in different situations and players from other sports. So we have a full array of props here up on the board right now.”

At this current moment, you cannot play daily fantasy sports in the State of Nevada. However, John believes that very shortly, people will get to play daily fantasy sports again in the state. He said this:

“Since Nevada needs to set up their own pools now, I think it’ll happen quicker than you think Chris. You may see something like that with, I know there’s a couple of people that have gone forward for licenses at the GCB [Gambling Commission Board] to do fantasy sports in the state of Nevada. So that’s something that may happen much sooner than you’re thinking. … There’s gonna be a lot of changes through the years, the upcoming years. Let’s face it, we live in a different world today and you know, sports was considered taboo once, but now it’s pretty much mainstream.”

Mr. Avello told us the Wynn Mobile App will be available for people to start using to make sports bets through their phones in Nevada on February 29th:

“The mobile app is going to start on February 29th, which is only a few weeks away. So we will start taking bets on that day, will start taking applications that day to sign up for accounts and by the time the conference tournaments start and the March Madness tournament begins, we should be in full swing with it.”

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