Taylor Rae

Writer/Intellect/All-Around-Joyful-Person, Taylor Rae, of Little Local Life, Talks Minimalism, Happiness, More

Taylor Rae is the writer who runs the blog, Little Local Life. It can be found at littlelocallife.wordpress.com.

Ms. Rae, a resident of Brooklyn, writes about the power of minimalism, finding and utilizing things discarded by others – call it urban foraging – and how all of us can consume less and, in so doing, increase our happiness quotient, among other interesting topics.

For some powerful insights on how we can do more with less, you can read the highlights and listen to the entire CYInterview, with Taylor Rae, below:

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Taylor, a writer, blogger and graduate of Williams College is someone who, by virtue of self-reflection and a metacognitive bent, has come to embrace minimalism. She is actively striving not to be sucked into the self-defeating swirl of rampant consumerism. When it comes to clothes, she says she shops at thrift stores over major retailers to save money, while still being able to find quality goods:

“I’ve definitely gone towards more of a minimalist approach, more of a, I have in my life what I need because it serves me approach. As I’ve narrowed down where I’m getting my clothes from, it’s not a go to hobby, it’s not something that I do because I’m bored. It’s more of an intentional focus. And through that I’ve really been able to actually enjoy the clothes that I do have, the accessories I do have and pair them together in ways that maybe I wouldn’t have thought of before.”

The perspicacious Ms. Rae believes people would be happier if they lived more grounded, less material driven lives:

“I think that if we stopped chasing the glitz and the glam and the life and realize that we already have that light inside to bring forth, then you would choose maybe a certain style of clothes because it was comfortable or a certain color because, you know, you just like it or something like as simple as that.”

Taylor offered a compelling parting thought on consumption:

“Consumption is not sustainable when we don’t think about, you know, a full circle cycle.”

Check out Taylor Rae’s Little Local Life here.

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