Writer Sam Novak New Deputy Editor of Vegas411

Sam Novak is a stalwart voice within the Las Vegas media community. For years he has provided insightful analysis of the goings on within the Entertainment Capital of the World. He has shared his opinions and coverage via a variety of publications, as well as his own blog, Vegas Unfiltered.

Since the end of June, Mr. Novak has taken on a new role. He is now the deputy editor of and a columnist for vegas411.com. The website offers abundant information, on a daily basis, for visitors and locals alike, about what is going on in Las Vegas. Commenting on his new position, Sam said this to us:

“We’ve got a big team of writers and we do things, fun things like top 10 lists, weekend wrap-ups, things that are coming to Vegas in the seasons ahead, restaurant reviews, hotel reviews, reviews of events that have already taken place and advice on travel tips, places to stay and things not necessarily that you might want to do.”

Known for his candid opinions about everything in Las Vegas, Mr. Novak tells us this about his writing:

“I have advertised myself as being probably bias, but definitely honest. So, I see things not always from the top, but from all sides.”

Recently, Sam Novak broke the news that the male revue Chippendales would be returning to the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. The scribe is one of the show’s biggest fans. On what it means to have one of Las Vegas’s most popular shows back on September 1st, he offered this:

“I think things like that, old standards or good standards I should say that are coming back, give a lot of hope for people who may have thought that maybe Vegas isn’t the place go for entertainment anymore. … We really are the city of entertainment and nobody wants to see shows close, especially ones that have been around for a very, very long time. So, personally I’m happy about that. I think the fans are too.”

Additionally, Sam Novak tells us what his other favorite Las Vegas shows are, what you should see when in Las Vegas, as well as offering his take on the best place to hang out in the city. He also shares his thoughts on the pet scene here.

Mr. Novak is an important presence in the Las Vegas media community. We wish him ongoing success in his new post.

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