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WOW – The Vegas Spectacular Celebrates 1000th Show at Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas: CYInterview at Festivities with Stars Silvia Silvia and Victor Ponce, Creator Hanoch Rosènn, More

On Tuesday, the Las Vegas show WOW – The Vegas Spectacular celebrated its 1000th show at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. The show features a variety of entertainers with multiple talents. The production has everything, including dancing, acrobatics, juggling and a crossbows and arrows routine that will impress you, among other great entertainment.

Before the 1000th show, the entire cast gathered at the Rio Showroom to take a photo with a cake that was made in celebration of their hard work. The show’s creator Hanoch Rosènn flew in from Tel Aviv, Israel to join the festivities. He was with us for a CYInterview along with arbalist (crossbow expert) Silvia Silvia of America’s Got Talent fame and her husband, juggler/plate spinner Victor Ponce, to reflect on the show reaching 1000 performances. You can see a photo above of us with that 1000th show cake, at the Rio Showroom.

Hanoch Rosènn shared with us that his vision was to create a fast-paced show, with a variety of entertainment. Silvia Silvia said that she has not missed any of her 1000 planned performances. Victor Ponce has a plate spinning routine that will impress. He revealed to us that he has no idea how many times he has done it.

With so many entertainment offerings in Las Vegas, WOW – The Vegas Spectacular reaching 1000 performances is a great accomplishment.

It was a magical evening celebrating with a cast from around the world.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview below with Hanoch Rosènn, Silvia Silvia and Victor Ponce:

Listen to the entire Hanoch Rosènn, Silvia Silvia and Victor Ponce CYInterview:

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