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Wizard of Wynn Talks Superbowl 46: John Avello, Sportsbook Manager of the Wynn Las Vegas, Breaks Down the Big Game

Super Bowl 46, this weekend will be one of the biggest sports betting weekends of the year for many enthusiasts. Those are the individuals who love sports – football in particular – love action and think they are on the right side of it. To help breakdown the Super Bowl 46 betting angles, on this game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots, we welcome back CYInterview regular, Wynn Las Vegas sportsbook manager, John Avello. He is the director of race and sports at the beautiful Wynn Las Vegas Resort.

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As far as the spread on the game, the New England Patriots are currently three point favorites or -3 over the New York Giants who are getting the 3 points. For those not familiar with sports betting, the Pats must win by four points or more to win that bet. If a person making a wager bet the Giants, they could win the bet if the Giants won the Super Bowl or lost it by one or two points. John Avello says we will not see a line/spread of 3.5 because the majority of action placed so far has been money on the Giants who are currently the underdog. He doesn’t expect the spread to go up to 3.5:

“No. I don’t. But there’s a possibility the way the game’s going we might see 2.5. There’s a lot of Giant money. It’s been mostly Giant money since last week and we’ll see if that changes when the weekend crowd comes in…Most people are interested in betting something that’s probably more than they bet during the normal course of the year, so you’re gonna see bets in the half million dollar range, those type of bets, quite possibly a million. It depends. That’s probably one of the larger bets you’ll see. There’s not too many people who want to bet more than that.”

Avello says the Wynn sportsbook does not offer patrons a chance to bet on the coin toss, but he does have a similar prop of action which he says a lot of people bet on [A prop of action, or simply a prop, is a proposition on a specific event within the context of the game or surrounding events. This is often referred to as a side bet.]:

“I put up a prop that says, “A team to run the first play from the line of scrimmage.” Which gives it a little bit of a twist when you think about it. The team wins the coin toss, they defer, they defer, the other team gets the ball, they take the opening kickoff back or they fumble, the other team gets to run the first play. So there’s a lot of variables that go on so just winning that coin toss doesn’t mean that you win that prop…That prop takes a lot of action and this year especially because the team that runs the first play, the Patriots defer a lot of their kickoffs. They deferred most of them over the last couple of years. So a lot of people are betting the Giants to run the first play.”

There are so many different props and side action one can bet on during the Super Bowl. John agreed with me that the sheets with all the potential prop bets have become too long, with more than a hundred options. He says players should focus on quality player props that could include yards, catches, completions, sacks, turnovers and touchdowns among other things depending on the player’s position.

“That is difficult. I think what’s happened over the years is we’ve come to a point where we’ve done so many of them now it’s hard for the player to get through the sheet and see one that he may want to do. I’m trying to keep mine around the you know the 150 to 200 area and that’s it…I think you should look at quality props on players…If you like a guy like [Mario] Manningam, you think Manningham’s gonna have a good game, there’s 43.5 yards, receiving yards, and that’s really not a high number. That could be two catches for Mannigham. So a little bit of handicapping, a little bit of instincts, I think that’s what you look for in these props.”

Last week there was a NY Times article titled On a Futures Bet, Las Vegas Loses if the Giants Win. The article talked about how some Las Vegas gaming establishment’s Super Bowl weekend could be bad if the Giants won the big game. Some Las Vegas sports books, during the NFL regular season, offered very high odds on the NY Giants to win the Super Bowl. The NY Times article stated some future bets were as high as 80 to 1 meaning for every $1 you bet, you’d get $80 in return. Avello doesn’t agree with the story because he believes sports books made out well with Super Bowl future bet losses on teams like the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers.

“Remember that the Giants were not looking like a team that would get into the playoffs this year and so the odds on them at that time could’ve been anywhere from 60 to 100 [to 1]. I know I had them that high, 60 or so. Now that doesn’t mean that people bet on them at that price and that doesn’t mean that the town’s in jeopardy on the Giants because there’s a lot of other teams that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. There was a lot of money on Green Bay.

There was a lot of money on the [New Orleans] Saints. You know there was a lot of money on other teams so therefore, the way to look at it, it’s one pot and in that pot, all the money it has to be disbursed to the team that wins the Super Bowl. So I heard about the story, but I would say that most casinos around town are probably not in jeopardy on a future book.”

Though John can’t give us a prediction on the Super Bowl, he does share with us his New York Giant roots and how the Wynn did for 2011 on the gambling front:

“One thing I can tell you is that I’m from New York, the Giants were shoved down my throat since 1952, the year I was born. So I’ve followed the Giants pretty much my entire life…I would say wagering wise it was maybe the largest wagering year as far as people placing bets. As far as how the casinos did, I’d say it was a fair year. Wasn’t the greatest and it wasn’t the worst. So just fair.”

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