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Wizard of Watches, the Inimitable Paul Pluta is Back: Gives Insight on the Use of Wristwatches as Dating Gimmicks; Man Who Portrays YouTube Luxury Goods Bad Boy Archie Luxury Entertaining as Ever

In 2013, the NY Post ran an article titled Meet The Rolex Romeos. The story featured a variety of successful men trying to attract women’s attention with their luxury wristwatches. Those watches had prices starting from $10,000 and up.

Back in April we first welcomed, to CYInterview, watch aficionado and luxury goods commentator Paul Pluta – the man from Australia behind the famous YouTube/Internet personality Archie Luxury [see here]. Paul is back to provide his analysis on this phenomenon and to answer the question if what a man wears on his wrist will attract women. Additionally, he discusses which watches, if any, appeal to females. You will have to listen to the audio to gain that insight. It most certainly makes for entertaining listening.

You can read the highlights and listen to this entire CYInterview below:

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Giving his thoughts on the NY Post article, about men trying to attract the opposite sex with a variety of luxury watches, Paul said this:

“I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s fantastic. It makes me want to move to New York. It makes me want to move there. It sounds fantastic. This is so liberating this here. Why not? Why not? Why not indeed? … The man has to have any advantage he can do. Anything he can do to put himself forward dating the female has gotta be a good thing. It’s gotta be a good thing.

And don’t forget, New York City itself, this is where, you gotta remember this, New York City itself, this is where the woman wants at least a two carat engagement ring from Tiffany, Harry Winston or Cartier. This is the city. The benchmark is two carats plus. So it certainly doesn’t surprise me. It’s a very, very materialistic city and let’s be honest there, you know, everyone wants to try and get the best deal they can and they’re using whatever means necessary.”

When it comes to women noticing men with luxury watches, Paul tells a story about recently taking a client to a strip club, that is quite insightful:

“Last week, I was entertaining some Japanese business guys and they wanted to see a strip club. So we go to a strip club. … But I forgot that I had my 5970, that’s a Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronograph on my wrist. We find a spot and settle in, sip a drink and a beautiful girl sits down. After a few minutes of small talk, she says, ‘That’s a Patek isn’t it?’ Feeling stupid and more than a little worried, I say, ‘Nope. That’s just a cheap copy.’

Looking at my wrist in almost total darkness from three feet away she says, ‘Yeah. It’s too big to be that calendar stopwatch they make. What’s that one called again?’ And I am thinking, how the hell does this chick know what a 3970 is? 3970’s a smaller version of the 5970. And anyhow, ‘Why the interest in watches baby?’ Says an uncomfortable. She goes, ‘I can sort men by their watches and shoes.’ Says the expert. ‘Rolex guys are all flash, average wallet holds $120, a waste of time.’ She says. ‘My last Patek customer bought me a new car.’ There you go. That’s the story.”

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