Winter and Will, a Poem

Writers comparing winter to death. How trite. Please, do summon some observational might. Winter is pre-birth, in all its cold mirth. Of course, there are those caught up in their own hopeful dearth. And so we go along thinking, “Winter is death. It is so cold. I might not be able to take another breath.”

Oh yes. Winter provides its challenges. That is certain. In icy places, some might want to shout. Because it is so cold and they lack sufficient heat from the hearth. Frigid, choking air, a silent challenge to the lungs. And people suffering burns from the cold. But they will not shout, lest the ice air enter their lungs. Ah, the temperatures they confront call upon them to be bold.

Sailors at sea have their faces ripped by the winter air. Jump in the water? They would not dare, no matter how much they like to swim. They know in their hearts that winter will win. They will be cast as human popsicles faster than you can say ice. A desire to stay warm is their principle vice.

Yes, winter can be challenging. It is no joke. People die from exposure to the cold. People become ill. People suffer. Yet, winter itself is not death. Winter is the prelude to new life. Winter percolates with possibilities. Spring is winter’s hopeful child and with spring comes new life. Winter is the rugged, fraught birthing ground of possibility – before we even know it exists. Winter is simply part of life; that is the twist.

So stay warm you. Help others to warm up too. And remember, remember. Winter is not death, while we still take a breath. Winter is a prelude to renewal. Renewal, that most precious of nature’s jewels. Reframe, recast and give your life a blast, a thrust forward in the cold. Now, yes now, is your time to be bold.
Confront the chill with an indomitable will!

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