Who is Kim Kardashian?

I asked myself the question, “Who is Kim Kardashian?” I came back with few answers.

When you write a column, sometimes you do research to support a point of view or deliver some information. At other times you just spout off, giving your opinion. I think all of us like to spout off from time to time. We walk around all day with ideas about this thing or that, yet most of the time those thoughts stay bottled up inside us.

No one wants to hear what is on our mind at all times. Heck, in my own case, I often get tired of thinking and listening to my own opinions. I suffer from self-spouting-off fatigue. Often, I want to tell the voice in my head to shut up. That wouldn’t help. I’ve tried it. That blabbermouth just keeps yakking on.

Anyway, today I am not going to do any research. I won’t look anything up. I am just going to ask a question, to myself and all of you. Who is Kim Kardashian?

I find this an interesting question. It seems to me Ms. Kardashian is frequently in the news. But why? Is she an actress? Is she a singer? Is she a dancer? Has she come up with some scientific discovery? Is she a world leader?

The truth is I am pretty much in the dark about her.

What do I think I know about her?

1.) Her late father was a lawyer and a friend, at least to some extent, of O.J. Simpson.

2.) She was and or is on a reality show that included other members of her family, including Bruce Jenner – I know who he is – her sisters and her mom. I flipped past this TV show once, maybe twice. Kept it on for about five minutes I think.

3.) She’s nice looking.

4.) She’s engaged to a basketball player.

5.) She was in some kind of sex tape.

I also suspect she is friendly with some other people I know are famous but don’t know why.

I know why the late Elizabeth Taylor is famous. I know why Lady Gaga is famous. I know why Madonna is famous. I know why Brad Pitt and George Clooney are famous. I know why Stephen Hawking and Hillary Clinton are famous. Kim Kardashian? I don’t think I know why.

Perhaps, that makes me ignorant. Perhaps not.

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