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What Will Be, Will Be Good; a Poem

In the midst of turbulence and all that goes on, double down on life. It’s worth it. When you scream inside and cry visible and invisible tears remember, you can get through the challenges facing you. When your existence swirls, disorienting you and filling you with dread, keep in mind that this too shall pass. Things will be calm once again.

Skip ahead in your mind, to a better, happier time. You will reach it. You will! Your mind is the key; it is the repository of what can be. Things improve if you work to improve them. No circumstance is so grim that you cannot be in it for the win. Remember that!

We elect how we perceive, based on what we believe. Think good thoughts. Put them into good actions. Good actions lead to good results. Good results deliver us home, a home of health and happiness. We build that home. We can reach our goals. We can deliver ourselves from the challenges we face. We can be the hero of our own story and stand steadfast against the moments of challenge life deals out. We can. Yes we can!

The sun is always shining somewhere. We can find that sun, though the rain can make our lives feel undone. Remember, however, we are not alone. There are friends and family to help bring us home, a home of health and happiness.

Try this when things are amiss, though some may think you mad. Rejoice and be glad for the challenges you face. Tell yourself, “I can do this ace.” Then go forward smiling when others might cry, rise up when you feel like laying down. Stand up straight when you want to lie on the ground. Be powerful when you feel weak and the universe will come to your aid. It will. It will!

What will be, will be good. Keep that in your mind. Do not be lost by the chaos that fear brings, rather order your thoughts and go for the win. Remember, what will be, will be good. And things will be good for you. They will. They will!

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