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What Happens Outside of Work

What happens outside of work can have a dramatic impact on our performance while we are at work. True, there are some individuals who are able to compartmentalize their lives and limit the effect that ups and downs in their personal lives might provoke in their careers. I doubt many people fall into this category, however.

Our personal life is going to tend to affect our work life. If going home means retreating to a place of quiet peace and enjoyment, it is probably going to serve to bolster our ability to work hard. If, on the other hand, our personal lives are fraught with chaos and drama, this will most likely affect our performance at work for the worse.

Many smart individuals with good schooling and a desire to succeed have fought uphill battles at work or school precisely because of personal circumstances that attacked their emotional stability. A home life that is stable can have a very positive affect on our mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Chaos at home can leave us emotionally drained and this can most certainly impact our performance at work.

We are whole people, not fragments of people. For example, I once read that we cannot be one type of salesperson and another type of person. Think about it. “Sales,” in this case, simply explains what we have chosen as our career path but “person” is who we are all of the time. Who we are as people is impacted by a panoply of experiences. Our life away from work plays a large role in our personhood.

Strive to improve your health and happiness. Focus on your home life. Care for yourself. Nourish yourself. Love the people around you. Make your home a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. All of this will pay big dividends at work. More importantly, your life will be far better for it.

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