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What Counts: Emotional Stability

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with an interesting group. The assembled were individuals in business – high achievers and aspiring achievers. From the feedback I have received, they enjoyed what I had to say. I am glad. It was my pleasure to interact with these fine folks.

The title of my talk was Creation vs. Consumption. My premise was that, for the most part, we are happiest when we invest our time in creating something, something positive and beneficial for both society and ourselves. It is when we focus too much on consuming that we run into problems.

For some time, society has been exalting consumerism while giving short shrift to creating. Rampant consumerism has become the order of the day. What do we have to show for it? To utilize just one slice of the human experience as an example, look at our consumption patterns when it comes to food. Too much caloric abundance, in the absence of meaningful movement, has left many of us in less than healthful condition.

I made the following points in my talk:

1.) When we invest our time in creating rather than being consumption based beings, we end up happiest and healthiest.

2.) Two particular qualities needed to create something, a business entity for example, are communicable enthusiasm and integrity. We need to be able to readily communicate our joy and energy for a given project. This insures that other individuals will join us in our endeavor or appreciate what we are doing. And, we need to do this with integrity so that the people around us maintain belief in us and our vision. Additionally, integrity is fundamental to our soul’s well being.

3.) We need emotional stability. All too often this is overlooked by people focused on leading successful lives. While we extol the virtues of intelligence or a strong work ethic, we do not often pay enough attention to the role of emotional stability when it comes to success.

If we are smart and hard working, yet emotionally unstable, we might find ourselves building things up, only to see them torn down under the weight of being without an emotional rudder.

What is the best way to insure we develop and maintain emotional stability? In large measure, the answer to this question brings us back to what I first discussed:

1.) Focus on creating something, something that you have passion for.

2.) When it comes to consumption, walk the path of well reasoned moderation and abstinence.

Live to create. Consume what you truly need. This leads to emotionally stability, which in turn helps you to create more and keep your consumption patterns in check. This becomes a victorious cycle, as opposed to the modern day tendency of creating too little, consuming too much and, consequently, fanning the flames of emotional instability.

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