We Meet YouTube Personality Paul Pluta aka Archie Luxury Here in Las Vegas

Recently, wristwatch and luxury goods maven Paul Pluta, known on his YouTube channel as Archie Luxury, visited the United States from his native Australia to meet some of his fans.

Mr. Pluta has thousands of videos on YouTube, primarily discussing luxury watches. His Archie Luxury character is irreverent and frequently sardonic, yet in person Paul is a soft-spoken and reflective gentleman.

The last stop on his tour was here in Las Vegas. While he was in town, we had a chance to meet the past CYInterview guest at Wynn Las Vegas.

Speaking about the luxury watch scene in Las Vegas he said this:

“I gotta tell you, the watch scene in Las Vegas here, it’s very interesting. They have some fantastic boutiques. They have some fantastic selection. The big problem is, if you’re not careful, you will buy the wrong thing, you’ll pay too much and you will get a sour taste in your mouth.”

As mentioned, the Entertainment Capital of the World was the final destination on the Archie Luxury comes to America tour. By the time we spoke with him for this CYInterview, Paul had experienced other cities in the United States including Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York. This is his advice to Americans about buying a luxury watch:

“You gotta be very careful because at the end of the day, one thing is about the American experience and this is what you gotta remember, it’s all about the money. It’s all about the money. That is the number one God that I’ve found in America. It’s money, money, money. And if you are foolish, haven’t invested time, haven’t done your research, well, you’ll pay too much. That means you got less money for your Cadillac, less money for your pool, less money for taking the wife out, less money for taking your mistress out, less money. It’s all about money. That is the meaning of life.”

The Australian had this piece of advice for Americans at the end of his extensive tour:

“I think a lot of things in this wonderful country cost nothing. To make people happy or smile, is as simple as a few polite words, maybe a packet of biscuits and you bring out such, such happiness from these people.”

Aside from having the opportunity to do this CYInterview, we also took Paul to see the long running Las Vegas female revue Fantasy, at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. You can see the report of that evening by clicking here.

Lamentably, when Paul returned home to Brisbane, Australia, he reported on his YouTube channel that his watch collection had been stolen. Additionally, he announced that he had Covid 19. We wish him a speedy recovery. We also hope that the culprits who stole his watches are caught and that the timepieces are returned to him.

You can listen to the entire CYInterview with Paul Pluta below:

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