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We Hold the Las Vegas Torch High! The Entertainment Capital of the World Will Be Back Better Than Ever; Till Then, Feast Your Eyes

People like looking at attractive people. Certainly, we should not base our opinions on someone solely because of their looks. And getting swept away by an individual, on the basis of looks alone, might well leave us in a less than preferable circumstance.

With that said, Las Vegas is home to lots of attractive people, as well as being a travel destination for lots of attractive people. Consequently, during the spring and summer months there are plenty of beautiful people gathered at the pool parties to be found at various hotels.

Over the years, it seems that the swimwear worn by some of the beautiful women living in or visiting Las Vegas has decreased substantially in size. With that in mind, today we take you back to Memorial Day Weekend 2019, at Daylight Beach Club at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort.

Pool parties – loaded with beautiful people – are but one of the things that make Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the World. One day, we will get back to pools, beach clubs, fun in the sun and tiny swimsuits once more.