Want to Lose Weight and Get in Shape in 2020? We Talk with CYInterview Regular, Bodybuilding Legend Ric Drasin about New Year’s Fitness Resolutions, More

With 2020 hours away, many people are thinking about making New Year’s Resolutions including weight loss and getting into shape. We welcome back CYInterview regular, bodybuilding legend, pro wrestler, author, illustrator and the host of the popular YouTube show Ric’s Corner, Ric Drasin to talk about working out, weight loss and his what 2019 was like for him.

The former training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger has some words of wisdom for people wanting to lose weight and get in shape for 2020. Additionally, Ric Drasin reflects on his YouTube show’s successes in 2019 and how his t-shirt business – the t-shirts are adorned with his illustrations – is going.

Additionally, Ric wanted to let everyone know that he has a new website called www.yeahiworkout.com, where people can buy a variety of his workout clothing.

Listen to the entire Ric Drasin CYInterview:

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You can purchase a copy of Ric Drasin’s The Time of My Life here.

You can visit Ric Drasin’s website, www.ricdrasin.com, to learn more about Ric’s Corner, his books and his other projects.