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Voice of Boxing, Al Bernstein Talks State of Sport; Remembers Boxing Historian, Past CYInterview Guest Bert Sugar, at 2019 Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame

Last night, the boxing community came out for the seventh annual Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The evening had a few surprises including UFC President Dana White inducting boxer Vinny Paz and Floyd Mayweather Jr. inducting his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., as a trainer. Fellow retired boxers Bernard Hopkins, Juan Manuel Marquez, Ray Mercer, Hasim Rahman and Terry Norris were among the other inductees.

Prior to the event, we spoke with boxing journalist and sports broadcaster Al Bernstein, on the red carpet. He co-hosted the evening’s event with boxing reporter Cynthia Conte. See our photo with Mr. Bernstein above. Known as the voice of boxing for ESPN, and now Showtime Boxing, the commentator gave us his thoughts on the state of the sport telling us:

“I think sometimes that the mainstream just doesn’t tell people about it or they don’t know about it. But now this year, boxing is getting much more visibility. And so, I think the sport is in a position where it’s inching back up, having a renaissance.”

The boxing broadcaster also had great memories of past CYInterview guest, the late, great boxing historian Bert Sugar [see here] saying:

“Bert and I were friends for many years. And Bert was a larger than life personality. I mean, you know, Bert was, he did everything in a grand way. And Bert, it’s interesting that Bert while he was known for boxing, he was also a major baseball and horse racing historian and knew those sports extremely well and wrote many books on that. And he was prolific in terms of what he wrote. And it was just a joke that when you saw Bert, you wondered how many drapes had to die for his outfit. I always keep thinking of the Sound of Music where she makes all the kids outfits out of drapes. That’s what Bert’s pants looked like most of the time. He was colorful. He was a great guy. And he was, you know, an original boxing character.”

You can listen to the entire CYInterview with Al Bernstein below:

Listen to the entire Al Bernstein CYInterview:

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