Vive la France! French President Emmanuel Macron Awards Colette Martin-Catherine Medal; Was Subject of Academy Award Winning Colette

On April 25th, director Anthony Giacchino and producer Alice Doyard accepted the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject at the 93rd Academy Awards, for their film Colette.

The stars were aligned that day. Not only was it the 93rd Academy Awards, but it was Colette Martin-Catherine’s 93rd birthday. She is the subject of the important documentary. As a teenager, she was part of the French Resistance, those brave souls who opposed Nazi Germany’s occupation of France during World War II. The film is about her and her late brother Jean Pierre, who was also part of the Resistance. Ultimately, he was taken by the Nazi’s and died in a concertation camp.

Last month, Ms. Martin-Catherine met with President Emmanuel Macron of France, at the Elysee Palace, to accept the Medal of Resistance for her brother’s contributions to the French Resistance. You can see a photograph of that meeting above.

Colette is a must watch film. Though the world is full of tragedy, there are also many moments of triumph. Colette Martin-Catherine proves that good people doing good work can make a difference in society, an enduring difference. People like Colette help good triumph over evil on a daily basis. Largely, they are unknown, Ms. Martin-Catherine is not.

A few weeks prior to the Oscars, Anthony Giacchino and Alice Doyard joined us on CYInterview to talk about Colette. You can find that CYInterview by clicking here.

Jean Pierre’s Medal of Resistance
Colette Martin-Catherine with President Emmanuel Macron

Photo credits: Lesley Coulette

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