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Visionary Singer/Dancer Gina Katon of Little Miss Nasty Joins Us to Discuss Group’s First Song, More

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic over the last year and the consequent suspension of live entertainment in Las Vegas, many entertainers have found other ways to follow their artistic dreams. For Gina Katon and her Little Miss Nasty co-stars, the edgy dance group jumped into the world of music by releasing their first song titled Hungry.

Little Miss Nasty visionary Gina Katon always had a passion for dance and music. She grew up in the small town of Hell, Michigan. Yes, hell does really freeze over in Michigan. After pursuing opportunities in New York, she realized it was Los Angeles where she would make her way in show business.

Before the pandemic, Gina would venture every weekend to Las Vegas to perform at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino with her group of dancers. Little Miss Nasty is unlike any other adult show in the Entertainment Capital of World.

Speaking of the dance group’s first single, Hungry, which she is a lead vocalist on, Gina Katon shared these thoughts with us:

“It’s been in our dreams forever. We always wanted to expand the brand in so many different ways, incorporating music eventually. And so, actually, the pandemic was just a blessing. Basically, a blessing for time, to allow us to get in the music studio, write some songs, get them recorded, film the music video and put it out there. Because you know, once we’re going and going, we’re caught in that show cycle. You know, touring nonstop, our Vegas residency, there’s just like limited time to get new stuff popping off. So, it was a perfect time and we did it.”

Gina said that you can expect Little Miss Nasty back in Las Vegas in the future:

“Oh 100 percent. Vegas is one of our home bases. We were born and raised in Los Angeles, Little Miss Nasty was born in L.A., but for the past four years we’ve had a strong Vegas presence and half of our cast lives in Vegas. We have awesome talent, beautiful women, just, awesome, awesome artists out there. So, we will be back. No doubt about it. Don’t worry. You guys will be front row screaming your head off. We’re revamping the show. We’re coming out with a bang.”

The talented Ms. Katon also shared with us that there will be new music from the rock n’ roll burlesque group soon:

“We already have another track recorded, ready to go, all we need is our music video. This should be coming late spring and we’re working on new songs for the future. So, it’s not just a one hit, one and done. We’re really investing, you know, quality time, energy in this new venture and we can’t wait to share.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joined us for this CYInterview where he discussed with Gina her beginnings in dance and her journey as an artist.

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