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Vinyl Continues Comeback and CYInterview’s Orange Knows It

In recent years, vinyl has been making a return. Media articles have highlighted millennial audiophiles taking an interest in records and phonographs. There was even a Hulu series that came out last year titled High Fidelity, about three young adults running a record store in Brooklyn, New York. It starred actress Zoe Kravitz, daughter of music star Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Ms. Bonet is divorced from Lenny Kravitz and is now married to Aquaman star Jason Momoa.

Whether we are talking about new record player models or old turntables found at garage sales and online auctions, this decades old technology continues to enjoy renewed interest. As far as vinyl albums, they are also available and cover the gamut of musical tastes. Elvis and Beatles albums, for example, might be found for under 25 dollars.

If you are considering getting into vinyl records, I would first recommend watching High Fidelity. It might help you determine whether you really want to develop a collection of albums.