Viny Parco

Vinny Parco: Celebrity P.I. on Woods Situation

A few years ago, Vincent “Vinny” Parco was featured in his own TV show on Court TV titled Parco P.I. The reality show focused around private investigation cases that Mr. Parco received through his private firm. Vincent is also no stranger to celebrity cases. He’s worked on both sides of the isle for and against the well known.

With the media focused on Tiger Wood’s personal life, Parco says he’s seen this kind of behavior before. He states that no matter how beautiful your wife is, sometimes you want variety. He believes Woods should have known sooner rather than later that someone was going to come forward and try to get their 15 minutes of fame. He compares the Woods situation to the recent White House party crashers of Tareq and Michaele Salahi and how anyone with a little fame can cash in big with TV shows and book deals.

Parco is surprised that no media outlet has hired him yet to further investigate different angles in Wood’s personal life since this kind of thing that has been up his alley many times before.

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