Taylor Rae

Urban Living and Enlightenment 2017

What kind of year will 2017 be?

Some things are under our control and some are not. One area that all of us have under our control is our personal state of enlightenment.

By enlightenment, I refer to a better understanding of ourselves, our environment and the human experience as a whole. Enlightenment is not an endpoint; rather, it is a never ending continuum. Seeking to have a greater understanding of things is a process, not a destination.

With that in mind, we have invited back Taylor Rae. Ms. Rae is writer and fine thinker, based in Brooklyn, New York. We thought you might enjoy listening to her answer some of our questions on the nature of enlightenment, specifically in an urban setting.

Many of us might think that enlightenment is something that is difficult to pursue in an urban setting, that we somehow need to be in a bucolic setting to be able to seek greater insight into life. We discussed that and more with Taylor. We think you will enjoy the conversation and believe it might help you to you in a multiplicity of ways. At least, that is our hope.

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Listen to the entire Taylor Rae CYInterview:

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