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Uproariously Funny Comic Michele Traina at The Space in Las Vegas July 20th

Michele Traina is someone to keep your eye on in the comedy world. In 2014, she came up with a one woman show, after separating from her husband and moving back home with her Italian family in Northern New Jersey. She took her daughter and physically challenged dog and began a new phase in her life. During that time, the concept for her production, Divorce Diaries, was born.

Today, the comedian/actress travels the country performing Divorce Diaries for enthusiastic audiences. On July 20th, Michele will be back in Las Vegas with her production at The Space. On what she hopes the crowd gets from her original show, she tells us this:

Divorce Diaries took on this format of a comedy show because I didn’t want people to feel depressed when they came to see my show and I’m not saying that in a bad way, it’s just that when you come to see a theater piece and it’s almost like a dramedy, you still have people leaving with this bittersweet sense, right? Whereas I wanted people to leave laughing hysterically and like tired from laughing, you know. So I just put my life situation and created this one woman show of like improv, stand-up and sketch comedy.”

Aside from her personal entertainment projects, the enterprising Ms. Traina has a theater company called Propbox Players. It focuses on performances for special needs children. Her daughter’s challenges inspired her to focus in that area:

“I felt like why don’t I cater my company towards children, you know, with or without special needs, because I feel like it does help them and it also makes them feel good inside. So I started doing that and I’ve been doing it ever since. And as my child has grown and you know, developed and we learn how she processes, I developed my company in that way.”

On how she sees her role as a stand-up comedian, working to make her audiences laugh, she shares with us this:

“It’s on me. Like, it’s my job to provide a service and I’m not gonna, yeah, there’s gonna be times where I don’t and I bomb, but then I have to go back and see what I didn’t, what I missed, listen to the recording and say, ‘How did I not connect with them?’ And yeah of course, there are some times where you just can’t get through to a person and you gotta figure how to maneuver that.”

Featured columnist Jay Bildstein joins us for this CYInterview and speaks with Michele Traina about the art of comedy, along with other topics.

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You can find more information and purchase tickets to Michele Traina’s July 20th, 2021 Las Vegas Divorce Diaries show by clicking here.

Learn more about Michele Traina and Divorce Diaries at www.divorcediariesshow.com