Uplifting! Multitalented Actress/Filmmaker/Runner Liz Vassey, Talks to Us about Her Inspirational, Must See Documentary about Running Titled, The Human Race, More

In times of challenge, many us look for positive things to keep us going. In the coming days, we will bring you our CYInterview with actress/filmmaker/runner Liz Vassey. You may recall the multitalented Ms. Vassey from her role as Wendy Simms on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which took place in Las Vegas.

Liz Vassey has an inspiring documentary about running out titled The Human Race. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video, Itunes, Cox, Comcast, Dish Network and a variety of other platforms. This excellent, uplifting documentary about runners over 50 also has a Las Vegas story which we will tell you about.

We look forward to sharing our CYInterview with Liz Vassey this week.