Unrelated, Perhaps

1 – One part of our life might find us going to parties, staying out late and listening to loud music. Another part of our life may see us in the garden, planting flowers, trimming bushes and enjoying nature. Are these two categories of activities such that a person cannot enjoy both during the same period in time? I do not think so. What is one way in which these seemingly dissimilar pursuits can be brought together? What about a garden party?

2 – Bamboozled is a word that does not seem to get used much anymore. Words come in and out of favor. Today’s cool word (is it still cool to say cool?) is often part of tomorrow’s embarrassing phrase. Thinking about this word, bamboozled, I wonder if someone, somehow, tricked me into writing about it. I am perplexed and puzzled by the thought of it.

3 – A man walks into a bar and asks for a napkin. The bartender, feeling like his establishment is being taken advantage of, gives a quick lecture on the tavern not being the paper goods section of the local grocery store. The man replies that he just wanted to have the napkin ready for when his drink was served. The bartender says no drink was asked for. The man says he was not given a chance to ask for a drink because he was being lectured about how the tavern is not the paper goods section of the local grocery store. Who is right and who is wrong? Does it matter? Assuming both the man and the bartender were honest in their intentions, what is the cure? What about better communication?

4 – When mysteries are revealed, puzzles solved and inventions created we tend to take the results for granted. Oh sure, initially we offer up praise. Soon after, however, we act as if those things were available to us all along. Hey, here’s a thought. Without an instruction book or the use of the Internet, go into a quiet room in your home. Sit down and design a computer. Then go build it from scratch. How do you think that will work out?

5 – A giraffe and a hippopotamus, distinct yet similar. People, distinct yet similar.

Image: Jomphong / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

*Authors note: You might see this column pop up online in a newspaper, under the name Both Sides. I am publishing this column here first at CYInterview.com. For a bunch of years, I have been writing newspaper columns. Since my columns have received a good response on CYInterview, I thought I would share it with you. Hope you enjoy.

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