Ukraine: Brave Men, A Powerful Accomplishment

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, millions of Ukrainians have left their homes behind and are currently refugees. Some of those who have lost their homes remain in the wartorn nation. Others have fled to neighboring countries like Poland.

Russia’s sustained attack on neighboring Ukraine has created great need there. Rising to the occasion, a group of intrepid Americans put their lives on the line by traveling to the Eastern European nation and bringing critical medical supplies with them.

The brave men who went on this humanitarian aid mission to Ukraine are successful individuals who left their families and businesses behind, in order to make a difference. Instead of simply raising money to help, they raised money and brought the aid themselves.

We spoke with three of the men who went on this mission, organized and led by the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation. They are Luis Vega, Sean Callagy and Robert Gill. These men, along with the others who put life and limb on the line to help the people suffering in Ukraine, are heroes.

Mr. Vega is the Executive Director of the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation and a former Ranger qualified U.S Army Infantry Captain.

Mr. Callagy is the founder and name attorney at his law firm, Callagy Law. He is also the founder and visionary behind Unblinded, an organization seeking to empower individuals through the teaching of integrity based human influence.

Mr. Gill is the founder and managing partner of Epic Financial Services.

In this age of keyboard commentators and social media hashtags, these three brave men represent a part of society we need more of; people willing to stand up, take action and make a difference. All of us can learn something from their heroic actions.

We welcomed the three men to CYInterview to talk about the experience of traveling to Ukraine, to help the multitudes in need there. Our discussion was hosted by featured columnist Jay Bildstein.

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