UFC Co-Founder Art Davie Reacts to Dan Severn’s Comments in Recent CYInterview Conversation; Updates Us on His Book Being Made into a Movie

In our recent CYInterview with amateur wrestling, MMA and professional wrestling great Dan Severn [see here], he talked about his first meeting with UFC Co-Founder Art Davie. Mr. Davie brought Mr. Severn into the UFC, where he became a well-known name in the fighting community.

Dan also shared with us his desire to fight both Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock one more time. Both Shamrock and Gracie were on the first UFC event back in 1993, which came together, in large measure, because of the vision and efforts of Art Davie. The story is laid out in the UFC Co-Founder’s book Is This Legal? The Inside Story of the First UFC From the Man Who Created It.

Over the last year, Art has been telling us about working on making his book into a movie [see here and see here]. We welcome him back, to react to Dan Severn’s recent conversation with us and get an update on his movie.

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On what he thought of Dan Severn the first time they met, Art Davie revealed to us he had been on a search for a wrestler to compete in the UFC. When he first met Dan, he questioned him on his fighting and wrestling background. Bringing Severn into the organization was one of the best decisions he ever made:

“I think he [Dan Severn] felt that by questioning him and by bringing this up the way I did, that I was dismissing his amateur and professional wrestling credentials. Truth of the matter was, I wanted a wrestler and I had already made up my mind that Dan Severn was the guy. … And subsequent events have proven it was one of the best deals I ever made. The guy went on to become a multiple hall of fame legend. He’s one of the greatest fighters that we’ve ever had in mixed martial arts.”

Dan Severn said to us [see here] that he would like to fight both Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock and would even be open to both bouts on the same night. Here are Art’s thoughts on if he will ever get a chance to fight two of his past opponents again:

“I think it’s probably somewhat unlikely that that will take place. Shamrock has recently been suspended for a year by the athletic commission in the state of Texas for steroid use. And that doesn’t auger well for him being back in not only Texas but perhaps some other states as well. And for all intents and purposes, Royce after that one bout with Shamrock has gone back to retirement. So you know, I think the real question would have to be directed to Scott Coker at Bellator. Is this a bout that he would like to be able to put together, a series or a match? If there’s anybody out there who might be disposed to do it, it would be Scott Coker in Bellator. I personally think it’s unlikely that’ll take place.”

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Art Davie at the Legends of MMA Hall of Fame event

Getting an update on his book, Is This Legal?, being made into a movie, the UFC Co-Founder shared this:

“The shooting script is in place. The script has been finally done. Dena Hysell finished her work on it and delivered it. We made a couple of minor changes and it is absolutely ready to rock and roll. Robert Latham Brown has been researching locations in and around Atlanta. Georgia is the state that we plan to film the movie. Great tax credits and encouragements from the Georgia Film Commission and he’s been in touch with Georgia State University in Athens, Georgia. They have a facility there which might be able to double for McNichols Arena which is where the UFC 1 was held 23 years ago in Denver. And he’s been in touch with people at Tyler Perry’s movie studio in Atlanta looking at shooting dates available next year.”

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