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Top Attorney Gloria Allred Speaks on Accident Involving Bruce Jenner; Has Home Close to Where Accident Took Place; Talks Jenner, Client Litigation vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr., More

This past weekend, Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner was involved in a four car collision on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles County, California. The multiple car crash reportedly killed one person and injured others. The accident occurred near the home of powerhouse attorney/CYInterview regular Gloria Allred. Ms. Allred joins me and featured columnist Jay Bildstein to discuss the legal aftermath of this automobile tragedy.

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Speaking about the car crash involving Bruce Jenner, which was near Attorney Allred’s home, she told us this:

“I am very familiar with the fact that the accident happened, it so happens that I have a home very close to there and I was trapped in my home sort of all day. I couldn’t get out because I would have to take the Pacific Coast Highway to get into Malibu and I could see and we actually heard the crash as well.”

After the automobile crash, Bruce Jenner hired prominent defense attorney Blair Berk. Ms. Berk has represented Kanye West. Mr. West is married to Jenner’s step daughter Kim Kardashian. Speaking about the Olympian’s legal counsel, Attorney Allred shared this:

“He’s hired a criminal defense lawyer, a person that is well known, Blair Berk. I also came into contact with Blair Berk during the time that she was representing Kanye West and he was, Kanye ended up being criminally prosecuted, entering a, and was convicted of battery against my client. But the point is she’s a well known criminal defense attorney and so my guess is that he is concerned about whether or not he might be criminally prosecuted. I don’t know whether he will be, whether he won’t be and my guess is that decision’s not even been made, but because he was involved in it and I think the car in which a woman died, you know, he’s lawyering up and he has a right to do so.”

On what Bruce Jenner might face in the aftermath of the tragic four car collision, Ms. Allred says we have to wait and see, after all the facts have come in:

“We have to wait for the facts. Although that’s not something most people in the press want to do anymore. It’s like they would like to be first, not necessarily focusing on whether they’re right or not. Apparently, I mean it is being made clear by the sheriffs that Jenner did cooperate, that he did take the field sobriety test, he did voluntarily submit a blood sample and that he didn’t appear to be under the influence of anything. So you know, how this all gonna end up? I don’t know. I don’t have a crystal ball. But yeah, there’s gonna be a lot more attention to it.”

Giving us an update on her client Shantel Jackson, who is boxer Floyd Mayweather’s ex-fiancé, and catching us up in general, she shared this:

“On the Mayweather, we’re still litigating that and waiting for a court hearing, which I think was supposed to be in March in which they’re seeking to dismiss some of our causes of action, not all and you know, so we’re gonna have to wait for the judge to make some decisions about that. As you know, I’m also representing a number of the alleged victims of Bill Cosby. So we’ll have more to say about that soon.”

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