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Tonight, the 92nd Academy Awards: We Look Back at Our CYInterview with Academy Award Winner, the Incomparable Mo’Nique

With the Academy Awards this evening on ABC, we look back at our in-depth CYInterview with Oscar winning actress Mo’Nique. It has been one year since we were with the comedian at her residency at the then SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, now the Sahara Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Mo’Nique made Las Vegas history last year as the first African American female comedian to have a residency on the Las Vegas Strip. Years prior to that, in 2010, she won an Oscar as Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her part in the film Precious, at the 82nd Academy Awards.

We had a close to 40-minute CYInterview with the star, touching on various topics, from her making Las Vegas history to her displeasure with certain things in the entertainment industry. You can see it by clicking here.

Whatever you think of the actress/comedian, she is most certainly blessed with a strong work ethic, candor and a warm and welcoming personality. The night we attended her show, it was a packed house, full of fans and supporters who showed the Oscar winner their abundant appreciation for her talents.

You can see our photo above with Mo’Nique, from our evening at her Las Vegas show, Mo’Nique Does Las Vegas, last year.

On Friday evening, the TV channel Showtime debuted Mo’Nique’s new comedy special Mo’Nique and Friends: Live From Atlanta.

We hope you enjoy tonight’s Academy Awards. Good luck again to all the nominees!