To Be and Be Gone; a Poem

All that’s asked of me is to be and be gone. That’s my song. Come in, go out. Why scream. Why shout. Rhetorical not quizzical. I’m not fooled. I understand the rule. We are out before we’re in. That’s universal time for you. Take it with a grin.

Time wasted and we are the author of that. We sit. We watch. We grow fat. And then we lament. Oh how we lament! Then, we plead. We insist that we should be heaven bent. But not too soon. No, please do not make room. At least not yet. Give us our 120 years or more. Yeah, sure. Safe bet. Well, not so much if you live life as such. Change much? Question, not a comment.

Change, ah the source of pain and salvation. The source of hope borne of imagination. The way forward having learnt from the way back. And we insist, do it for us Jack. We want better, better than good. We want things the way we think we should. But, do the work? Surely you jest. We’d prefer credit cards; we’ll make the payments. You do the rest. There it is, personal success at our behest.

I am a star of great magnitude, a superstar burning bright. Yup, in my mind, I’ve got it right. I am the one to listen to, the one who knows, the one with the answers – heaven knows. But, do I apply them to myself? Do I use this knowledge for my own wealth? Hmmm. Hmmm indeed. In fact, hmmm should be my creed.

Sticks and stacks and matches and cows that go moo. And I sit here and think for all time till it’s through. And I wonder, what on earth will activate me? What will make me the me I want to be? How come I’m not? When I proclaim that I’ve got the right stuff, is it but a mere bluff?

But, but I’ve heard it before. So, now’s the time to head out the door. Off our butts and up the hill. The secret is that it does not take much will. The answer then, ah, you’ll see. Just get started with me.

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