Tierney Allen, Lady Winehouse: A Tribute to Amy and Gaga, Las Vegas

On Friday, January 6th, Las Vegas based singer, tribute artist and past CYInterview guest Tierney Allen will perform the music of Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga.

Lady Winehouse: A Tribute to Amy and Gaga will take place at the Las Vegas entertainment venue The Space, at 7:00 PM Pacific Time. The Space is located just west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Known for impersonating and performing as Lady Gaga, in the Las Vegas Strip show Legends in Concert, Ms. Allen took to Instagram to thank everyone who was working on her production this Saturday saying:

“Today I was overcome with gratitude – for these fantastic musicians who have put in so much hard work before we even met and for everyone’s who’s bought tickets to support this little dream of mine.”

You can learn more about Tierney Allen’s show on Saturday by clicking here.

You can follow Tierney Allen on Instagram by clicking here.

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With Lady Gaga impersonator Tierney Allen at Legends in Concert in 2019