Three Tips to Make Someone’s Day

Here are three quick tips to make someone’s day:

1.) Smile – When you walk down the street, when you speak with people or when you just casually say hello to someone, smile! This can be easier said then done. Just ask me. Because of my own self-consciousness and shyness, remembering to smile takes a bit of work. However, it is worth it.

No doubt, there are times I walk around looking like I am either constipated or angry – or both. I could make up all kinds of excuses about being wrapped up in focusing on something important or some such. Those would just be excuses though. When I remember to smile or I am reminded to smile, something interesting happens. People smile back.

When we smile at someone, we help to uplift their spirits as we uplift our own.

2.) Be a good listener – We learn by listening, not by speaking. Sometimes I am a good listener; sometimes my listening skills leave something to be desired. The fact of the matter is, I am interested in what people have to say and I do learn far more when I listen then when I speak.

There are those times, however, when I am so filled with enthusiasm and passion for something I want to express that I forget I was given two ears and one mouth and that I should use them in that proportion.

By listening to what another person has to say, we can make their day. The act of listening helps us not only to learn but to validate the importance of another human being’s thoughts and feelings. That is truly important.

3.) Find something to compliment – We might, at times, have a tendency of being too critical of both ourselves and others. When we meet people, discuss things with them, hear their life plans, etc., too many times our first impulse is to find something wrong and correct it. Sometimes, we do not articulate our negative criticisms, but they take us away from looking for the positives.

As teachers, coaches, mentors and parents we might feel our first order of business is to correct the errors of the person in our charge. Helping someone overcome their errors is important, no doubt. However, it absolutely pales in comparison to helping someone believe in themselves.

We must strive to first find what someone does right, and compliment that, before we become critical of the areas they need improvement in. Finding what is right and building on that lays a solid, positive base rather than attempting to build on the quick sands of negativity. This includes self-assessment as well.

Giving a sincere compliment to someone for a positive quality they possess or something they have done well can make their day. It can make ours as well, by reminding us to have a more optimistic outlook about life and ourselves.

On this last point I am on the right track. Additionally, I am smiling more than I used to. And, I am going to make it a point to listen more.

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