Three Financial Success Suggestions for the New Year

Here are three quick suggestions for improving your financial condition in 2012:

Look for ways to save money – One of the best ways to improve your financial condition is to spend less money. Sure, you can take a second job and make more money. However, if you have poor spending habits, the extra money you make is going to go to waste.

Am I against a person working longer hours, or having a second job, to make more money? No. Bear in mind, though, that learning to spend money wisely is one of the most important habits we can develop in terms of financial success. If we work harder we should spend smarter.

Are there things you habitually buy that you do not use? If that’s the case, perhaps, you might stop buying them and save money. Do you find food in your home going to waste because it has spoiled? Maybe you are over-buying. Consider buying less. Do you comparison shop? If you do not, now might be a good time to start.

Continue your education – To make more money, people often consider a second, or side job. Certainly, that can help to increase cash flow. However, another strategy might be to work and at the same time continue your education. Society has become more and more specialized. Working in a specialty often calls for advancing your education.

Are you bilingual? Consider studying a foreign language. Do you have solid computer skills? You might want to take some courses to strengthen those skills. How is your math? Learning statistics, for example, might help you over the long term, to increase your marketable skills.

Remember, education is an investment that pays dividends over a lifetime.

Invest – So you are looking for ways to save money. You have become more frugal. You are furthering your education. Maybe you are working two jobs. Now what?

Wealth is built by investing. What should you invest in? That depends a lot on you, the economy, your goals and your level of risk tolerance. Buy a good book on investing. People put their money in all types of things: their own business, savings accounts, real estate, stocks, bonds, precious metals, etc. Learning about things like managing risk and portfolio diversification should help you to become a better investor.

Come to think of it, you might want to further your education by taking a course in investing. Good luck!

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