Thinking and Not Thinking in the Context of Action Leading to Something Meaningful or Not – A Reflection

I opened the door. I stepped forward. I was nowhere. Was this obliteration? Had I ceased to exist? Where was I? Stop! If I could question where I was then I must have been somewhere. If I am where nothing exists then I do not exist. Wait. If I am where nothing exists? That makes no sense. There is no “where” in the realm of nonexistence. Wait. There is no “realm” of nonexistence. There is nothing. Wait. There is no “is” in nothingness. Wait, there is no “in” then.

Need we care to what extent people judge the twists and turns of our thinking? Need every one of our thoughts be well reasoned? Should our every idea be congruent? To what extent do we mentally constipate ourselves by impeding a thought process that might allow us to end up in some very interesting places and with some meaningful results. So what if every thought we have does not lead to a Noble prize or a prize that’s noble. Maybe, there are times when thinking for thinking’s sake is reward enough.

Acting on our thoughts can only take place if we think them first. Let’s think first. Then let’s sort out our thoughts, separating the usable from the not so usable and work toward something meaningful. A meandering, creative, out there thought process can yield the stone from which to carve the statue.

Many of us spend no time thinking at all. “May I have a latte please? Might I have that with soy milk and artificial sweetener? Could you make that gluten free? Great! Oh, and I would like a roll with that, with cream cheese and, you know what, toss in that muffin over there.”

Thinking. Not thinking.

Thinking can be a tortuous process if you think about it. I wonder how many of us even think about thinking. Whatever. I wonder how many of us think about not thinking. I also wonder how many of us do not think about not thinking. Hmmm. This thought process is getting a bit absurd. Wait a minute. What about it is absurd? Oh come on now. You can tell when something is ridiculous right when you hear it. Can’t you?

So a few hundred years ago, let’s say, a person mentions the thought of creating a flying machine. What do people think about that thought? “You can tell when something is ridiculous right when you hear it. Can’t you?”

I opened the door.

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