Think Positive; Be Positive; Act Positive

The mind is an interesting place. We can think great, self-empowering thoughts. We can make plans to accomplish amazing goals. We can dream and develop ways of making those dreams come true. Yet, the mind can also become a house of horrors. We can become trapped there, wondering if we are good enough to make our dreams come true. We can dwell there, in a house of fears rather than a home of hope.

Self-reflection is good, self-doubt is not. Please, take a moment and repeat after me, “I am a worthwhile human being who deserves to be happy. I am a good person. I have the power and the capabilities to make my dreams come true.”

It is necessary for us to affirm our self-worth, lest we become enslaved by the patterns of negative thinking that some of us have become all too accustomed to. It is time to liberate ourselves from nagging self-doubt. This is the moment of our delivery. We can begin improving our lives right now, rather than putting off personal growth and evolution to some future point in time that may never come.

When you seek to put things off, remember, today is yesterday’ tomorrow.

Embrace a positive outlook. Look at all the things you can do. Emphasize your incredible abilities. Do not wallow in sadness about what you have not done. Instead, get busy doing. Positive thinking leads to positive being. Being positive leads to taking positive action.

Are you ready for a better tomorrow? Begin by working at it today. Harness the power of your mind and realize that if you embrace everything that is right with you, you will become happier and more orientated towards taking action to improve your circumstances. Become the master of your own victorious cycle, rather than the victim of the vicious cycle that is self-defeating thinking.

You can do this. Make it happen. Do not wait. Begin thinking positively today. Count your blessings and prepare to multiply them through a good attitude, smart planning and a strong and steady work effort.

You are worthy. Accept that! Now, get started!

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