The Stuff of Creative Change, a Poem

We are jettisoned pods in a bewildering world. We get up and our minds begin to whirl. What is that? What is this? Caught up, we are, in a cosmological twist. And it goes and it goes. And we are wrapped up in it. Do this; do that; an endless struggle to fill a void. Sometimes, if you speak about this, people might get annoyed.

Let’s stop a second and reflect. Let’s step away from that awful tendency to deflect. Defensiveness, a potential perennial posture. So afraid are we of confronting ourselves. So afraid of seeing what dwells within. Ah, better we criticize others and grin. Sometimes we do this willfully. Sometimes we do this skillfully. Sometimes we do this with glee. Yet, it never works out for you and me.

Tired. Spent.Waiting for something heaven sent. Then again, we are given the tools to create. So why for the great beyond wait? Our empowerment often hides in the shadows. Greatness is around the corner for us. Light the candle. Walk forward. Take action. Create!

Criticism might come to us naturally, receiving it and doling it out. So what! The doers do. Broad shoulders real and metaphoric to support the weight of chatterers announcing how this or that could have been done better. Resist that bad weather! Input is fine. It can lead us to the sublime. But if you constantly get put down, remember then, the speaker is a clown – and not a funny one.

Taken aback by the power we have to make change. And I am not talking about two tens for a twenty. Our dreams, however, are not enough. They have to get backed by that vital stuff. Action! Yes friends, magic happens when dreams are road mapped and backed with action. Alas, it is up to us. Are we left aghast?

The soul writhes for the freedom to create according to our own lights. At times a solitary fight. Yet not a fight at all. A dance rather. A waltz toward greatness, toward creative freedom and light. Yes then, let your soul alight.

And out of the darkness of mindless routine we come. The drum beating for the light of a thousand suns radiating from our heart, shouting our marching orders! Do, do, be you! Do, do, be you! Arouse your creative passions and arise from your bed. You are living not dead!

Life is that unique chance to turn thoughts and dreams into firmament, to give substance to the heavenly. To enrich and create. Do not wait!

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