The State of Luxury Goods: Social Mayor of Miami, TV Star/Entrepreneur/Philanthropist/Novelist Lea Black and Luxury Goods Aficionado/YouTube Bad Boy as Archie Luxury Paul Pluta Give Us the Straight Skinny

Most people, it seems, like luxury goods. Perhaps it is because of their quality, aesthetics and durability. Or, maybe, it is because luxury goods serve as status symbols. Whatever the case, economic conditions impact people’s buying decisions when it comes to high end items.

Too many individuals get caught up in rampant consumerism, no doubt. Insuring personal financial stability should come before acquiring luxurious yet unneeded items. At the same time, for people who work hard and are financially responsible, it is nice to buy something special once in a while. All of us need to find balance in our lives. This certainly applies to luxury goods.

With tremors running through the world economy, we thought that it would be a good time to discuss the state of luxury goods. We decided to bring in a couple of experts to CYInterview to give their opinions on the state of consumers and luxury items.

Joining us are two friends of CYInterview. With us from right here in Miami, Florida, a place where people love their luxury goods, is a true mover and shaker. She is known as the social mayor of Miami. She is a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a novelist – having authored the successful Red Carpets & White Lies – and she was the star of The Real Housewives of Miami, she is none other than the lovely Lea Black.

And joining us from down under, direct from Brisbane, Australia is one of the bad boys of YouTube, yet in reality he is a good guy. He is an expert on luxury goods, high end watches among them, and he is an all-around articulate fellow. He is none other than Paul Pluta AKA Archibald Chesterfield III of the Archie Luxury Channel on YouTube.

So, the stage is set. One star from legacy media – television – and one star from new media – YouTube – join us to give us the straight skinny on a variety of issues in the world of luxury goods.

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