The Rise and Struggles of Pop/Reggae Artist Kaelyn Kastle

Pop and reggae artist Kaelyn Kastle’s star is rising in the American music industry. Hailing from Bermuda, she just released a new music video titled Touch on Me. You can see it on YouTube.

With a following of fans on numerous social media platforms, and the opportunity to now work with longtime music producer Dallas Austin, Kaelyn’s career is rising.

While she may be making progress in her career, she has been dealing with personal challenges along the way. Her mother has a rare autoimmune disease called vasculitis and Kaelyn was at the hospital with her mom when she spoke with us. We hope her mom gets better soon. Additionally, she has dealt with some immigration issues, relating to staying in the United States.

In spite of those challenges, she is prevailing and her dreams are coming true. Kaelyn’s vocal stylings includes both pop and reggae. Her music is unique. Speaking about who she is and her new song Touch on Me, she shared this:

“I’m an artist from Bermuda. I’ve been working in the industry for quite a while in you know, the Caribbean market. And with this new record that I felt like it would be a great transition into the U.S. market mostly because it integrates a little bit of my culture and a little bit of, you know, the pop culture that the U.S. is so like fond of and I’ve really taken a loving to.”

Kaelyn’s journey in the music industry seems similar to the that of Rihanna. Both women come from outside of America and they are both from island nations. Additionally, they promote their countries in their art. Representing Bermuda and bringing more attention to her home country is important for Ms. Kastle. She wants people to know that Bermuda can make for an affordable getaway.

“They make it seem like it’s only for rich people to travel there and have a good time and that’s not really the case. Like Bermuda, the average person can go there and enjoy the country. They just don’t know that. So, I’ve been glad to be able to, you know, show bits and parts of my country when I am home. Yeah. I would love to be that face for the country.”

Kaelyn Kastle

A visit to Las Vegas a few years ago made Kaelyn realize who she was going to be as an artist. She hopes to perform her music one day soon at a Las Vegas venue:

“I actually love Vegas. I did a writing camp there a few years ago with one of the labels. So, I would love to comeback to Vegas. I know they would love my music out there because when I was out there it was like, ok, this is different, this is poppy, this is everything I needed to be in the entertainment industry. But yeah. I’m trying to tour as well. So, we’ll see.”

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