Meryl Streep The Prom, James Corden The Prom

The Prom and its Talented Cast Will Dance its Way into Your Heart; Available on Netflix

We recently mentioned some new movies you may have missed on Netflix and Amazon Prime [see here].

One of the films we noted was the musical The Prom, which can be seen on Netflix. Its stars Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, Kerry Washington, Jo Ellen Pellman, Ariana Debose, and Keegan-Michael Key. Even if you are not a fan of musicals, you might want to consider this movie. It has a positive message about loving who you want, no matter what anyone thinks.

The Prom is an uplifting movie. That seems like a good choice during these challenging times. Watch it this weekend. You will not regret it. You may even get up and start dancing.

Photo credit: Melinda Sue Gordon and Netflix