The Power of Good Habits

Creativity is important. Energy is important. Imagination is important. Willingness to try new things is important. There are a lot of qualities we might possess which can significantly work to our benefit. However, if we do not have good habits those wonderful qualities might just go to waste.

Talent does not equal success. Natural abilities do not mean that we will necessarily shine in a given area. What ultimately brings us success are our good habits. These good habits work as the fuel which can power us along in the right direction, allowing us to utilize our abilities to a positive end.

Have you ever known anyone who was energetic yet lacked focus? How about someone who was creative yet did not stick with anything long enough to allow their creativity to shine? I am sure we have all known imaginative individuals who seemed to jump from project to project, never allowing their imagination to produce something tangible.

Here is a list – not in any specific order – of some good habits: 1.) Getting up early. 2.) Arriving at appointments on time. 3.) Being a good listener. 4.) Being diplomatic even when we hear ideas we disagree with. 5.) Structuring our work day — or our studies or whatever else we are focused on. 6.) Making lists. 7.) Being courteous. 8.) Being Consistent. 9.) Putting in more effort than we are required to. 10.) Being positive about our ability to succeed.

Take some time to cultivate good habits. I believe, as the months pass, you will really begin to excel at whatever it is you do. Good habits are the key that unlocks talent. Talent is often trapped within us. It is only through our good habits that those talents are released and channeled into a positive direction.

All of us can cultivate good habits. And, if our habits are already good, we can improve upon them. We can do this!

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