The Path of Wisdom; a Poem

Slept. Bereft. In jest. No connection. Just dejection. No self-reflection or auto-correction. What should be my new direction? What is your conjecture? No need to be demure. I am certain, there is no easy cure for what addles the soul, in the face of limitlessness and our own perceived limitedness. But I digress. Well, not really, though digression does not necessarily make a mess.

Best bet, can’t tell yet. We make suppositions based on apparitions and treat ephemeral knowledge as set in stone, something we can feel in our bones, until we come to another conclusion based on science and other logical delusions. We need to remember, not to forget, that our knowledge of most everything is imperfect at best. Say it with glee; say it with me, “I am imperfect and that’s the best that I’ll be.”

And this is the conundrum that makes us come undone, when we reflect on what’s best. That reflection is just a glimmer into a greater understanding of something we can never truly understand. You see, the enigma of existence is always at hand. We go to figure things out. When we have, we shout in joy. Later on we feel like a toy, because our knowledge and understanding is so incomplete. Perhaps, praying for wisdom is a far nobler feat.

Wisdom and knowledge, two different things. The latter, the arrogance of ignorance, the former an acceptance. The acceptance of imperfection, of working with time, at accepting our limitations, at comprehending the divine. We needn’t be believers, per se, to do this. We can find our bliss in the mystery of unknown and unknowable answers, and from wisdom’s path not desist.

Surrendering to the mystery is not surrendering at all. It can fill us with joy and make us feel tall. Because we accept connection where once we had doubt. And when we do this we do not need to shout. You see, this is the quiet joy that does not leave us feeling like a toy of the unknown. This, indeed, is how wisdom is sown.

Education is grand. Reading is great. Learning is of the highest value. Achievement sensational! Yet through this all, we must activate our will and seek wisdom. For this you see is the highest good, our way forward through the mystery and all that is good.

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