The Number 4, a Poem

Wizily, tizily, bizily, boo
I can man a fran, so can you

Igity, tigity, sigity, bip
You like to stand around running your lip

Pohity, wohity, himity, hobahon
Writing a grease is like running a soparon

Sopity dee, nipity lou
I like cherry ice with raisins, you like mitty pity

Hofrazzle, ya dig, so there it is rice
Frip, dip, dap, Hey Smoke here is a dirty sock

Yeah, so what now greeny
La, la, la, la with milk

Screech razzle, brain muzzle, dozen and few
Here it is for me and frogy

Ho, Ho, Ho goes the vapor from a sample
And bip, bop, boo to me and you

And jump, and jump and turn
Tin can man, faulty plan

Beep, yeah, amana, hey there Ip
Tea, wolly so, hey, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

The number 5

I’m done

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