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The Multitalented Mason Reese Updates Us on Life Interrupted, More

It has been a little more than a year since we have had the multitalented Mason Reese join us. Last time we spoke with him, Mason was working on submitting his pilot for the sitcom, Life Interrupted, to a variety of festivals. You can see the pilot, as a series of mini-episodes, on YouTube by clicking here.

Mason says the pilot won numerous awards and that he and his collaborators are looking for a distributor for this project, in which he stars along with Alison Arngrim of Little House on the Prairie, Dawn Wells of Gilligan’s Island, Robbie Rist of The Brady Brunch, Erin Murphy of Bewitched and Michael Learned of The Waltons. He shares the latest on the project:

“We put it through what’s called the independent film circuit across the country. We won 20 awards on it including best actor, best actress, best ensemble cast, best music, you know best web series. So we really got a lot of great response on that. We got some nice press out of it. And basically in a nutshell, we’re just looking for the right places to pitch it, you know, the right places to bring it to. And that’s what’s been happening in terms of Life Interrupted.”

Mason tells us he is a fan of Happy Days and would love to meet recent CYInterview guest actress Marion Ross [see our chat with her here] one day:

“I am a big fan of Happy Days. We’re talking iconic television that will go in the history books. … I’ve never met Marion. I’d love to. I hear she’s a hoot.”

The actor also tells us about his recent trip to California and shares with us news about a new project he is working on with Robbie Rist. You can learn about that and hear the rest of our chat with Mason Reese by listening to the entire CYInterview below:

Listen to the entire Mason Reese CYInterview:

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