The Great Jennifer Romas Joins us to Discuss Her Latest Show

On July 29th, Jennifer Romas’s next chapter begins in Las Vegas. Her latest production of Exxcite: The Show, is opening at The Duomo Theater at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

Ms. Romas, who is one of Las Vegas’s great stars, joined us again on CYInterview to give us a preview of her production.

Speaking about this iteration of Exxcite: The Show, Ms. Romas said this:

“It is definitely another chapter in the journey of life, which is great. I’m honestly, just, everyone’s gone through transitions and you know, not to talk about Covid, but it was definitely a transition phase for a lot of people, especially entertainment across the board. You know, things did shut down, contracts did get, you know, squashed. It was inevitable.

And you know, some really great things came out of that, as well as some challenges and I really am trying to just look at this is a huge growth for, of me personally. In terms of a producer and opening up another show inside a major Las Vegas casino, which is, I mean it’s, I still kind of pinch myself sometimes. I’m like, wow, like this is pretty amazing.”

On how the show at the Rio will be different from her other productions, she shared this:

“I do have a niche of what I bring to the table. It’s of course gonna be sexy. It’s of course gonna be classy. It’s of course gonna have huge amounts of talent performing on that stage every single night, which is great. I really think we’re bringing a different style of, if you want to call it, rockesque.”

Reflecting on getting the show ready for a Las Vegas audience, Jennifer offered this:

“This has been a growing experience as always. Just trying to utilize my strengths differently to get this up and running and it’s a beautiful learning experience.”

You can watch the entire CYInterview with Jennifer Romas below:

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