The Great Gary Stretch Joins Us to Talk about Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson, More

It was recently announced that famed YouTuber Jake Paul who, over the last few years has made his way into the boxing world in untraditional fashion, will take on former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson, in an exhibition boxing match.

The match is slated to take place in about four months, on July 20th, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The event will be streamed worldwide on Netflix.

Joining us on CYInterview to discuss this upcoming bout is former CYInterview guest [see here], the great Gary Stretch.

Mr. Stretch has a substantial resume. He is a former boxing champion and model and is currently an actor, writer, director and producer.

Gary has appeared in such films as Alexander and Dead Man’s Shoes. He wrote, directed and produced the Ronda Rousey documentary, Through my Father’s Eyes.

And most importantly for purposes of our discussion, Gary knows boxing, perhaps better than anyone in the game today.

Giving us his analysis on 57-year-old Mike Tyson taking on 27-year-old Jake Paul in an exhibition boxing match, Gary said he believes Mike Tyson will win:

“Whether or not Mike knows it’s a good thing for him to do or not, the other thing people always want in this world sadly is money and money comes into it. Ego comes into it. And so, this is a fight that Mike has been enticed to do for his reasons. Is it ridiculous? Of course. The only saving factor of the fight is that Mike will probably beat Jake Paul because he has the attributes and the ‘Styles make fights,’ slogan works in this one quite favorably for Mike. So, if nothing extraordinary happens, if I would put my common sense on to the fight, I would say that Mike beats him in pretty good fashion.”

The former boxing champion believes Jake Paul’s limited boxing abilities are one of the reasons he will lose to Mike Tyson:

“Jake Paul, his style is a very average novice boxer. He has the basics, doesn’t have great balance, but he has a very little bit of power and the fighters that he has fought up to now are pretty stand up straight, do everything wrong, they lean, they’re unbalanced and he’s been able to catch them. Mike’s a different kind of fish. He will go to him, under him and so I don’t think Jake’s gonna to have a lot of success catching Mike, even a bad Mike just based on his style.”

On whether he will watch Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul, the filmmaker said this:

“I would only watch it in the hope that Mike puts him to sleep and we kind of move on from this craziness.”

Additionally, Gary Stretch spoke about an upcoming film project he is working on and reflected back on his documentary on UFC star Ronda Rousey, Through My Father’s Eyes.

You can watch the entire CYInterview below:

You can find Gary Stretch on Instagram by clicking here.