The Effervescent Chloe Crawford Joins Us to Discuss Her Career: From Dancer to Magician, Las Vegas Entertainer’s Story is Intriguing

Chloe Crawford has blazed her own trail as an entertainer. Since she was a child, Ms. Crawford always wanted to become a dancer. Though she never focused on a specific place to pursue her dreams, the British entertainer made her way here, to Las Vegas. She told us:

“Literally, one day just went, ‘You know what? I’m just gonna move to Vegas. Why not. What’s the worst that could happen.’ Like, I don’t find work. I don’t get into a show and I go home, like whatever. Ok. I’ll move back. It’s not a big deal. It’s a flight there and flight back.”

When Chloe first came to the Entertainment Capital of the World, she auditioned for a variety of shows. She says was invited to work in numerous productions. The talented Ms. Crawford ended up joining the long running female revue Fantasy, which makes its home at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. After becoming part of the Las Vegas entertainment community, Chloe discovered a passion for magic and decided she wanted to become a magician.

“I was in that show [Fantasy] for a few years and that’s kind of when I started seeing a lot of magicians on the Strip. Like, there was so many magic shows. I couldn’t believe it. Why’s there no women? Like, I knew there were female magicians, but why are there no female magicians in the shows.”

Her illusionist ambitions led to her being offered an opportunity to be on the TV show America’s Got Talent. Chloe would end up turning that opportunity down, because she felt she was not ready to perform in front of that kind of an audience. Soon after, an opportunity came to participate in Britain’s Got Talent, which she accepted.

“I did the show. I got to the semifinals. I was the first female magician to ever get to the semifinals, to get through the first round. So that was amazing.”

After that television opportunity, to showcase her talents as a magician, Chloe Crawford left the Las Vegas show Fantasy and the dancing world behind, to pursue a career in magic. At some point in time, she met Las Vegas headliner, internationally renowned magician Criss Angel. A performer in Mr. Angel’s show had been sidelined and he needed someone to fill in. With that, Chloe tells us she got her chance to further her professional magic ambitions. After performing a 20-minute act, she became part of Criss Angel’s touring show telling us:

“Within a couple of weeks, I was touring with them which was amazing. This is like, massive production and pyrotechnics and like stuff I couldn’t have even imagined doing. So, that was amazing. Then I went to work with Cirque Du Soleil and the show at the Luxor, funny enough, back at the Luxor. And I did a show there for a couple of years and then went on to Illusionists on Broadway and you know, it’s, I hate to say, I’m really lucky, but I think when I put my mind to something, like that’s all that is in sight.”

Today, Ms. Crawford is once again based here in Las Vegas. She is married to mentalist Colin Cloud. Together, they have performed across the country. You can also keep up with Chloe at her official website,

Might a streaming series about her life one day be in the works? Why not. Ms. Crawford, is no doubt, an original.

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